Tenets of TKD

Students are expected to honor the following five fundamental tenets both in and out of the Do Chang.

Courtesy is acting in consideration of others, exhibiting good manners and demonstrating politeness and respect. Students must show respect to their instructors, to higher-ranking students and to all others. Students must be polite and encourage a sense of justice. Students must constantly look within themselves and not be quick to judge others.

Integrity is adhering to a code of values, living consistent with personal beliefs, being honest and honorable. One must be able to define right and wrong and have the conscience, if wrong, to feel remorse. Within the Do Chang, one must honestly attempt to do whatever the instructor asks.  Outside the Do Chang, students must not misrepresent themselves or rationalize their behavior.  Integrity can also be expanded to include more than just right and wrong (the Eastern philosophy); it means to recognize and understand sound morale principles (honesty, sincerity, truth, etc) and then hold oneself to that higher code in both thought and conduct.

Perseverance is being persistent, steadfast, enduring to the end. It is the ability to pursue a goal until it is achieved.  Nothing of any true good comes easy. Perseverance and patience are required to excel at anything. Perseverance means sticking to it. If you fail the first time, or even the hundredth time, try again, confident that you will succeed as long as your purpose is worthy.

Self-control is learning to manage, command or govern oneself.  This tenet is extremely important inside and outside the Do Chang, either conducting oneself in free sparring or in one’s personal affairs. Good self-control in free sparring enables you to execute stunning techniques without injuring your partners. Good self-control in daily life allows you to work comfortably and confidently with others.

Indomitable Spirit:
Indomitable spirit is to stand up for what you believe in regardless of consequences or number of oppressors. It is to be invincible, unyielding and unconquerable. Never be afraid to be yourself and trust your judgment. Indomitable spirit is what enables you to keep your ideals and your identity in the face of overwhelming pressures. It is the strength to reject the things that “everyone else is doing” if you believe them to be wrong.