Korean Terminology

Korean does not use letters like English.  The language is a series of word pictures.  When Korean is written in English as shown below, it is an attempt to put the proper pronunciation into text.  This can result in slightly different English words for the same Korean term.


TaeKwonDo Gym Do Chang
Uniform Dobok
Master Instructor Kwangjang-nim
Instructor Sabeom-nim
Hello Yoboseyo
Thank You Kamsa Hamnae Da
Your Welcome Chunmunayo
Attention Charyut
Bow Kyung Ye
Begin Shijak
Stop Baro
Pattern or Form Poomse



One Hana
Two Dul
Three Set
Four Net
Five Dasot
Six Yasot
Seven Ilgup
Eight Yodol
Nine Ahop
Ten Yeol
Twenty Sumal
Twenty One Sumal Hana
Thirty Siran
Forty Mohan
Fifty Oship
Sixty Yukship
Seventy Chilship
Eighty Palship
Ninety Kuship
One Hundred Bak



Attention Charyut
Bow Kyung Ye
Ready Joon bi