We’ve moved!

We’re no longer off i94, we’re now at: 2824 22nd Ave South Moorhead (Over by the Menards in Moorhead)

No Class February 7

TKD class is cancelled for 02/07/19. The weather outside is awful, please don’t do any traveling unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you need me, I’ll be hiding in my apartment in the fetal position.

Christian TKD

Training our whole selves — mind, body and spirit — in order to best serve our one true master – Jesus Christ.

TKD History

(Excerpted from the official program of the 1st World Cup Games, July 3-5, 1986.) TaeKwonDo is the traditional Korean martial art which literally means “The Way of the Feet and Fist.” It combines sharp, strong, angular movements with graceful and free-flowing circular movements to produce a marnious balance of beauty and power. withe the addition […]

Korean Terminology

Korean does not use letters like English.  The language is a series of word pictures.  When Korean is written in English as shown below, it is an attempt to put the proper pronunciation into text.  This can result in slightly different English words for the same Korean term. Miscellaneous TaeKwonDo Gym Do Chang Uniform Dobok […]

Tenets of TKD

Students are expected to honor the following five fundamental tenets both in and out of the Do Chang. Courtesy: Courtesy is acting in consideration of others, exhibiting good manners and demonstrating politeness and respect. Students must show respect to their instructors, to higher-ranking students and to all others. Students must be polite and encourage a […]

Student Expectations

Within the dojang there are no age, sex, or racial barriers – all begin as white belts.  Under the watchful eye of the master each progresses at his or her own rate according to individual effort and ability. While the TKD student can expect to develop strength, stamina, quickness, flexibility, coordination and balance, the road to mastery […]