Classes Resume: TKD Update

USA Spirit Christian Taekwondo is  back open.
Masks are optional, regular classes on Mondays and Thursdays 7 p.m.

Classes Canceled: Coronavirus Update

Due to the state government closing gym’s, USA Spirit Christian Taekwondo is closed until further notice. – Stay healthy, wash your hands, and pray.

We’ve moved!

We’re no longer off i94, we’re now at: 2824 22nd Ave South Moorhead (Over by the Menards in Moorhead)

There will be no Class on Saturday Morning (09/29).

There will be no Class on Saturday Morning (09/29).

Labor Day cancellations (Sept. 1 and 3)

There will NOT be any TaeKwonDo classes on Saturday or Monday! (September 1st and 3rd)

No Class on New Years Day 1/1/18

Hey, just a quick update… no one is teaching any classes on New Years Day 1/1/18. Holidays are typically canceled classes, unless otherwise stated.   Enjoy the new year and see you either Tuesday or Thursday! -Nathaniel

Kim Bedore

Kim Bedore
Master Instructor – 5th Degree

John Bedore

John Bedore
Grand Master Instructor – 7th Degree

Moorhead Academy

The Moorhead Academy is our main site.  We are located at 2824 22nd Ave S. Moorhead, MN 56560 and have been blessed with an incredible location, building, business partner, and students.

Student Expectations

Within the dojang there are no age, sex, or racial barriers – all begin as white belts.  Under the watchful eye of the master each progresses at his or her own rate according to individual effort and ability. While the TKD student can expect to develop strength, stamina, quickness, flexibility, coordination and balance, the road to mastery […]